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Jim Talbot

My mother was 93 when I moved her from Tucson to Los Angeles in 2003.

She was not getting good medical care there, and I wanted to make sure she was well taken care of, here in Los Angeles. I spent a couple weeks building a database of all the assisted living facilities I could find that seemed appropriate - from the valley, out to Santa Monica. I would often drive around and look at the outside of the facility to see if I wanted to bother going in. When I saw the street in Westwood where Westwood Manor was, I fell in love with the neighborhood. The facility had just opened a few months earlier. It was clean, fresh, lots of light. I can honestly say, after looking at all the places in LA, this was at the top of my list. My mother lived for the next 8 months. The times at Westwood Manor were joyous. The food, the staff, the quiet home... it was all wonderful. I owe both Natalie and Nellie a great debt of gratitude for all they did to take such great care of my mother in her last year.

Lisa Derick

Westwood Manor is amazing place, with loving caring staff and an unparalleled level of comfort and compassion. My 93 year-old Aunt Evelyn who is also my godmother, has lived there for over five years, experiencing living in a real and very lovely home rather simply existing than an institutional environment.

Knowing my aunt is so well cared for gives me peace of mind. The staff and owners are always available to talk with me about her care and needs, and they arrange parties and holiday celebrations. I am very happy and pleased with the level of attention she recieves and feel welcomed by the warmth I feel when I visit. It is a great gift to have my aunt in an environment that is both professional and pleasant, where I have no worries about her welfare and which is enjoyable to visit.

Westwood Manor has made my aunt so very happy, and provides the finest care possible for her. They are a blessing and a gift to seniors and their families.

William Shwartz

The Bel Air Manor facility is truly one of a kind. I entrusted the care of my mother to Nelli Khlebnikova and her associates, with the sound reassurance that she would be well taken care of. The members of the staff are extremely capable, dedicated and responsible ; they see to my mother’s every need. In terms of nutrition, my mother is pampered by the private chef within the facility who caters to her specific dietary needs and to the best of his ability to her palette, as well. The members of the staff are especially attentive to my mother in the sense that they keep her company and provide entertainment for her. My mother’s needs are met round the clock, with the 24/7 service provided by the facility and with this kind of quality service provided that I have peace of mind.

The facility, in itself, is wonderful. It is extremely warm and inviting, and feels a lot like a home. It is tastefully furnished, and has a warm ambience. My mother has found living at the Bel Air Manor most comfortable, and has nothing but praise for the care and service provided by Nelli and her team. This “facility” is incorrectly termed one; it is more like a haven, or a sanctuary for the elderly to relax, meditate and rest.

Janice Seagal

Finding an elderly care facility for my father was an excruciating ordeal for me. I could not find a single place that was reassuring enough. My main concern was that my father be provided top-notch care and service. I also wanted my father to feel like as if he were at home, and not at an “institution”. My search came to end, and all my worries were allayed when I came across the Westwood Manor. It met all of my criteria, and best of all-my father actually thought that it was a charming place to reside in.

The service at the Westwood Manor is excellent, with staff members available at any time of the day or night. Interaction between residents of the facility is strongly encouraged, and if desired, the residents become companions. My father always marvels at how living at the facility is like being a teenager again and staying over at a friend’s place, except this time all the friends have their own individual room. The residents tend to dine together, and in this way, my anxiety that my father would feel lonely has been put aside. The staff looks after my father’s every need; they bring him out for daily exercises, makes sure he eats well, and generally see to his well-being and happiness. I am extremely relieved and ecstatic to have found such a respectable and pleasing establishment for my father. No other facility would have satisfied my criteria.